An effective CV can highlight your uniqueness and potential, while a fully-loaded LinkedIn profile can help you expand your network and appear more credible. Both are important, and both can play critical roles in landing you the interview you have been waiting for. While both contain similar information and have the same goal of selling your skills to a potential employer, you should approach the two differently.

Differences and Similarities


Your LinkedIn page and CV both list your completed education, your past job experience, some sort of personal statement, and relevant skills. However, that’s where the similarities end. The purpose of your LinkedIn page is to build relationships; after all, it’s a social media platform. Since your LinkedIn is primarily used for networking purposes, be less formal. As far as the point of view is concerned, write your CV in the third person and your profile in the first person. Your personal statement should be extremely concise and only about 50 to 100 words, whereas LinkedIn lets you include a 300 words summary–so use this extra space to let your personality shine. Both your CV and profile need to use keywords and phrases to ensure an applicant tracking system doesn’t weed you out. Include your LinkedIn link in your CV contact details and upload your CV to your LinkedIn profile to increase your chances of getting called back.

How To Write a Winning CV


Do you have a fully completed CV but still aren’t hearing back from any of those jobs you applied to? Just because you’ve completed your CV doesn’t guarantee you success. A winning CV must be fluid. Creating a new version of your CV is highly advantageous when you find a new position you want to apply to. Personalize your cover letter; use the company’s name. Examine your skills and personal statement and ask yourself if they align with that of the company you hope to find employment. Format your CV in a way that makes sense and is easy to follow. Hiring managers spend at most ten seconds on each applicant. So if your document is messy, you aren’t getting an interview.

How to Build a Winning LinkedIn Profile


Focus on relationships with your LinkedIn profile. The more people you add to your network, the more likely you are to receive recommendations and skill endorsements from colleagues. Why is this important? When a potential employer is vetting your profile, you will appear far more credible if your profile contains positive testimonies. Your LinkedIn page should have a broad appeal. Make yourself appear as versatile as possible and include transferable skills. LinkedIn is also a great place to insert the past work experience you may not have listed on your CV.

CV Studio


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