Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Do you know in your heart that your past experience and education make you the perfect match for the position you have longed for? Many feel confident they are qualified upon applying for a job but are confused when they don’t get a callback. The hard truth is that you are only as good as your curriculum vitae (CV).

While there is a myriad of benefits to utilizing a professional CV writing service, here are five of the most important:

  1. You will avoid common mistakes
  2. Your CV will have the right keywords
  3. You will receive an outside opinion on your document
  4. You will receive a cover letter
  5. It will save you time

Avoid Common Mistakes

CV writers will eradicate any and all spelling and grammatical errors. The writer reviewing your credentials and constructing your document will eliminate any sloppy errors and save you time. Employers will only decide to move forward with an application if it is free of careless mistakes. You aren’t careless, so be sure not to represent yourself as such. CV writing professionals can also assist you in knowing what to include and not include in your document. If your professional history contains time gaps between jobs, your CV writer will know what information to provide to remedy this potential red flag.


Have you ever wondered why certain applicants are selected from a sea of individuals gunning for the same position, and others are not? The answer is simple. Many companies employ an applicant tracking system, or ATS, to screen hundreds or even thousands of applications; most don’t reach a human person. The ATS will identify specific keywords and phrases and eliminate the documents lacking them. Most applications don’t even make it past a company’s applicant tracking system. Keywords are absolutely vital to the success of your CV.

Outside Opinion

A fresh opinion can be invaluable, especially when it comes from a professional CV writer. These writers know how to zero in on your strengths, bringing them to the forefront while diminishing any information that could be seen as a weakness. Since CV writers have experience, they know what each document should look like for each industry.

Cover Letter

Many professional CV writing services will include a cover letter as part of your package, which is an excellent plus. You should always have a cover letter when applying for a position, even if hiring managers don’t always read it. Still, if they happen to, a cover letter will give you a specific opportunity to set yourself apart from the other applicants.

More Time; Less Stress

Searching for and applying to jobs can undoubtedly feel like a career itself, so many individuals choose to hire a professional service to construct their CVs while they continue the job hunt. If you are concerned about losing focus, you may not want to waste time writing a CV that may end up subpar. It’s best to leave specific jobs to the professionals.

CV Studio

Sure, it is possible to obtain a job using a CV and cover letter that you composed yourself. But if you want a guaranteed upper hand, head over to CV Studio (, Ireland’s best professional CV writing service, and choose from many affordable packages. You’ll receive one-on-one attention from an experienced writer and a professional document guaranteeing you an upper hand on similar applicants. CV studio’s team of writers has experience in over 60 industries, so no matter what line of work you are in, CV Studio can help.

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